Complex Solutions for Complex Problems

Complex Solutions for Complex Problems

Complex Solutions for Complex Problems Complex Solutions for Complex Problems Complex Solutions for Complex Problems

All problems have a solution. If you know where to look!


Define your own Reality

The Impact of Reality

There is no illusion here. No Hollywood magic or Trick photography. You will hear the stories and the life experiences of a man who scratched, fought and bled for every inch he has. I've seen the world from a perspective like few others. From broken bones and to a broken heart; I've seen, heard and tried it all. Nothing surprises me and I love a challenge. Ask me anything.   

About Me

Who am I?

Close up Tim Cudmore with Walking Stick

Imagine if you will, a diamond forged not of the earth but from a lifetime of soul numbing pain, physically and emotionally. Combine that with an unwavering will to survive and an unshakeable desire to help others; and you will have found me. I come from a world where any problem can be conquered, so long as one is willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to keep achieving.


My Style

After Motor Vehicle Accident. Hospital. Injury. Coma. Breathing tube.

Sometimes Ugly problems require Ugly solutions. That is when you need to get creative! Are you ready to get your hands dirty and venture into the Gray zone? For when we are willing to challenge ourselves, there is no limit to what can be achieved. Creative and literal thinking is my speciality. Armed with only my sense of humour, I'm ready to take on anything

The Price

Broken left arm x-ray with metal plates and screws

Simple question: What do you want to pay? How much is the problem costing you? How much will it cost if you can't find that solution? No two problems are ever the same and no two answers ever the same. Let's have a chat. 


Event Speaking


Whether it be to Inspire, Motivate or Educate, I can be the voice you need. From gruesome war stories to funny anecdotes; I have a encyclopedia of knowledge to share to any audience.  

Awareness and Education Classes


Curious to understand the raw, unfiltered emotional and Psycho-social realities of living with Disability? Want to briefly dip your toes into the dark abyss of mental illness?
Allow me to tell the story, all from the comfort of your office or staff room.  

NDIS Mentoring

Life-Coaching and speaking at local high school

From Daily Living and Life Skills, to Community Participation and Social/Group Events.

I will be your guide and mentor, teaching clients all the hidden secrets and strategies to living your best (disabled) life.

Battle tested advice from someone who actually lived it.   

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Questions or Comments?

For more information on fees and availability for speaking events and Seminars, send me a message. Tell me about your event or issue, and I will get back to you soon with more information.

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